Australia’s alarming stroke figures drive the Strike Out Stroke team to achieve their mission of improving these statistics


  • 1 in 6 people will have a stroke in their lifetime.

  • Over 475,000 people are living in Australia who have had a stroke. If you also take into consideration their carers, this equates to almost 1 million Australians living with the affects of stroke.

  • 30% of Australians that suffer a stroke are under the age of 60.
    The incidence of young people having a stroke is dramatically increasing, thought to be mainly due to lifestyle. 

  • Worldwide research suggests 80% of ischemic (blood clot) strokes are preventable.

  • Only 36% of people showing symptoms of a stroke arrive at an appropriate care facility within 4.5 hours, in time to receive life saving treatment and also to possibly reduce the degree of disability.

  • Australia lags internationally in patients receiving treatment in the necessary time frame. US – 59%, UK – 62%, Australia – 36%

  • There is currently no cure for stroke and much needed funds are required to support research.

  • There is currently very little support available for stroke survivors, their carers and families once the patient, often with a physical and/or intellectual disability, is discharged from hospital or rehabilitation.

  • Many stroke survivors, and their carers can lead an isolated and lonely journey, often leading to depression and anxiety.