Karen Overall

Karen has been an educator for over 30 years with the last 11 years as Principal of two specialist schools. Having two close family members impacted by stroke, Karen is honoured to join the Strike Out Stroke campaign as she is passionate about raising awareness of the signs, symptoms and treatment of stroke.

Ashima Gupta

Ash is a physiotherapist with over 14 years of experience in the public hospital sector. She has specialised skills in Emergency care and also held a number of project lead and management positions at St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne. Ash is passionate about ensuring that patients receive high-quality, patient-centred and collaborative care, both in and out

Melissa Rixon

Melissa is a physiotherapist primarily based at Royal Melbourne Hospital in the acute stroke unit. She has had experience working with stroke patients for the last 3 years and unfortunately seen the affects that stroke has not only the stroke survivor but also their family. She is passionate about reducing the prevalence of stroke and

Jessica Freeman

Jessica is an exercise physiologist with a focus on community based rehabilitation. She has experience as the project manager of a stroke care program in Deakin University’s Institute of Physical Activity and Nutrition Sciences. Jessica is passionate about bridging the gap in stroke care between hospital and community care to ensure stroke survivors and their

Darcy Murray

Darcy is a trained HR professional who specialises in Learning and Development. She is passionate about giving back to the community by volunteering as the Secretary of the Stroke out Stroke campaign by assisting the campaign president in managing the administrative processes. She has personal been impacted by stroke as both of her immediate and

Caroline White

At Strike Out Stroke I am passionate about working towards giving people the resources to educate and care for the people in our community affected by stroke. My 20 years as a CPA provides me with the sound experience to support to this great organisation.

Brendan Reilly

Brendan is a senior commercial and disputes lawyer with Parke Lawyers. He has a background in the not-for-profit sector having been Executive Officer of a state-wide disability organisation in the 1990s. He is committed to reducing the debilitating impacts of stroke in our community.